Magic Mushrooms

A continued sense of well-being was reported by nearly two-thirds of the 36 people in a Johns Hopkins psychological study who where given “shrooms”, magic mushrooms containing the psychedelic producing element, psilocybin.  Steve Jobs reportedly called his LSD experiences creativity-enhancing and of significant importance in his life.

Apparently a significant, positive personality shift took place with participants reporting a greater sense of life satisfaction.  Changes in personality that would perhaps have happened subtly over many years appeared to occur nearly instantly.  Similar experiments have been conducted with cancer patients suffering depression and others with different kinds of stress.

I have frequently had hypnosis clients report that habits, behaviors and feelings which have held them back for years, been barriers to their sense of well-being had vanished after a few sessions in hypnosis.  It has been as if new mental imprints had formed which enabled the client to overcome stress, sadness; excessive behaviors of all sorts like smoking, eating, drinking or gambling too much.

The NYU psychologist Anthony Bossis reported that participants in his cancer study “… are telling us stories that I find stunning- that they’d have this kind of shift in one day and that it would last”.

May/June 2013 Psychology Today The Shroom Shift, Emily Laber-Warren

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