A Better Outcome

One thing I know about everyone that comes to see me, before they utter a single word, is that they want a better outcome.

Whether the person has come for hypnosis to stop smoking, lose weight or to move on from a difficult experience or feeling, every one of them has an internal belief that they can change, be happier than they are now; even though they may not have mentally formed the thought.  These people may be feeling what others are experiencing, sadness, anger, unhappiness of many sorts, but the others go on feeling that way because they do not believe they can feel better; have a better result from their past.

The core element of change is based on viewing past experiences differently, reframing them so as to find the good; the positive learning which strengthens and empowers us.  We may have started smoking to fit in with the other kids, not be left out, but we are all grown up now, smoking is not necessary to have friends; that was kid thinking.  We may have had lousy parents, friends or spouses but we learned from them what we did not want in order to know what we do want.  Not easy, not fun but even the butterfly needs to struggle to be free of the cocoon.

Everyone that comes for hypnosis receives a page of comments made by some others who have been here.  New clients are urged to read those comments after being with me because one of the biggest barriers to success with hypnosis is the misconception that it is magic.  A mistaken belief that in one session, poof, they will change from frog to prince.

Each person comes into the office for change, the more successful clients understand that change begins there and finishes in the future.  Change is not poof, it’s pooooooof.