Best Day of My Life

Billy, an artist I met about a year ago when he wandered into a local Art Walk, was selling drift wood sculptures he created; rather kitschy.

Billy explained that he was really down on his luck, he had gone for a late night walk on the beach looking for inspiration and saw a fish pushing a piece of driftwood; he took that as a message and began making those sculptures. A friend of mine at the Art Walk owns a beautiful, upscale wine bar, met Billy and over a bit of time suggested that he might try some sort of art with wine labels from her bottles.

One night Billy walked into the wine bar with his first piece, a portrait of Marlon Brando as The Godfather; it was spectacular. Billy hung it on the wall and in about ten minutes took the $100 dollars offered him by one of the customers. I grabbed Billy by the arm and asked if he was crazy selling it for only $100? “I need the money”, he said.

That was about a year ago, since then he shows in a gallery in Miami and some art collectors from California met Billy. They have just had a second showing for him in Carmel, the Godfather portrait now sells for at least $850 and his latest pieces have been sold for over $18,000; it makes me smile.

Whenever you meet Billy, ask him, “How are you,” he gives you this great ear to ear grin and says, “Best day of my life and tomorrow’s going to be even better”; it’s wonderful! We speak of the power of positive thinking, some people out there live it; it’s a great thing.

Best day of my life and tomorrow’s going to be even better.

Rob Collier is a certified hypnotist at Wellspring Hypnosis, LLC, Oakland Park Fl, 954-938-8000.