Birth Painlessly: Birthing Series

Birth naturally, a wonderful, joyous, more comfortable experience. (CDs will be shipped)

Birthing Series

Birthing Series

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New! BIRTHING SERIES : A four CD series guiding a woman through a wonderful, joyous, more comfortable birthing experience.

Whether the decision is made to have natural childbirth or to utilize comfort medication, The Birthing Series teaches powerful self hypnosis techniques and creative guided imagery for a more positive, self confident birthing.

In 1944 a British doctor, Grantly Dick Read, published, Childbirth Without Fear, describing his years as an obstetrician delivering babies with natural childbirth. On the first page of the book he describes his astonishment the first time one of his young patients refused to put on the chloroform mask he offered her.  He wrote, “As I was about to leave sometime later, I asked her why it was that she would not use the mask.  She did not answer at once and then shyly she turned to me and said, “It didn’t hurt; it wasn’t meant to, was it, doctor?”  Women throughout the world have utilized hypnosis, along with the care and procedures of modern medicine, to have a more comfortable, rapid, more discomfort free birthing and so can you.

Hypnosis Works: Understanding the how, what and why of hypnosis; a presentation made with each client who personally meets with Rob for hypnosis.

Loving Birthing Surges: Change your subconscious thinking and understand that there is no such thing as “labor pains” but only birthing surges and you are on your way to achieving the relaxation necessary for a more comfortable birthing experience.

Body Anesthesia: Self hypnosis techniques are used in many hospitals throughout the world to assist people in feeling more comfortable during and after procedures and to heal more rapidly, easily and well.  Imagine placing your hand on your abdomen and going as if numb from the upper chest to the middle of your thighs and have a deeply satisfactory birthing experience.

Visitation: Imagine sitting by a wondrous, gentle waterfall and there visit with your coming baby.  An opportunity to let your baby know how long you’ve been waiting, how eager you are to see it and that all is well.  Return to this magical place with your first loving, birthing surge and be amazed at how easily, rapidly and well your birthing experience flows.  (Offered as a download unless requested as a CD in “Special Instructions”).

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