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01 Mar


Schmetterlinge, one of my favorite words, it rolls on the tongue and carries a sense of imagery, is the German for Butterfly. Do you know that feeling of butterflies in your stomach? Maybe you relate it to a feeling called anxious or nervous; left unresolved it becomes the basis for stress. What would it be

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10 Jan

Squeeze Me

Ever take a telescope, binoculars and look through the big end? Of course, it takes a big picture and makes it smaller. Creating a smaller world is one way of coping, it can give us a sense of control; protect our own narrative of self. The more we look through the big end the closer

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21 Nov


Listening to the radio the other day I heard an actor being interviewed who was reflecting on his first major role. Hired to be the lead in a musical the voice coach came in for the first day, asked the actor which of the two notes he had just played was higher and the actor

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