Bump In The Night

Fears, apprehensions, phobias are all defined as unreasonable, heightened thoughts of impending danger; sounds that go bump in the night.

A woman came recently who was about to go on her first cruse and was having thoughts about potential vertigo when looking off the railing of the ship. As the travel date was approaching she was also having increasing difficulty walking out on the balcony of her condo and looking down; had not happened until having planned the cruse.

Hypnosis is not magic in and of itself, it simply allows one to go inside our self in a different, more non cognitive manner. As if going around the librarian and being able to wander for a moment through the bookshelves of our mind. Some research libraries have closed shelves, you need to ask the librarian to bring you the book; as long as you know which one you want there is no problem. Working on a problem however means that we do not know which book to ask for.

Going within our thinking is walking through our library, able to open some of the books, flip through the pages and find what we need; happens all the time at Barnes and Noble. Being with a hypnotist for this work is like having the guidance of the librarian, not knowing exactly what you need the librarian brings you to certain sections of the library that are likely to have the information you seek. Finding small hints during the search eventually lead to the hidden treasure.

The woman planning the cruse was not afraid of the heights nor of the water, the fear within was the thought of being constrained on ship, trapped, unable to get off. A long time ago as a little girl punishment time-out was being sent to her room and then, locked inside.

Amazing things become linked in our mind and may become the initial catalyst for fears and habits that comfort us in the future like smoking, drinking, shopping, gambling; whatever distracts from the unpleasantness bubbling up.