Anxiety and Stress

*Individual results may vary with hypnosis and are dependent on many variables including the client’s attitude, follow-through, adherence to the program and personal health and history; some issues may require a medical referral and supervision.  If required we will be pleased to assist you in obtaining a referral.


Imagine rewiring your emotions and feeling calm, confident and in control.

Do you know that feeling of  butterflies in the pit of your stomach?  Maybe you relate it to feeling anxious, nervous or fearful; left unresolved it lingers and becomes the basis for stress.

All emotions and accompanying concerns are part of a cycle of experience, feeling and thought which creates a mental imprint.  Mental pathways created somewhere in the past and then strengthened over many years.  Much like exercising physical muscles, each time we had a similar experience that imprint became reinforced, carved deeper into our subconscious.  Each time we have the feeling there is then a little voice deep inside explaining that feeling.

If our emotional voice is heard as bad we fall back upon our basic fight or flight response; prepare for battle (fear, anger) or run from the situation (distract away with food or drink).  But know now that we create new imprints every day of our life, new relationships between experiences, emotions and thinking; all we need to do is strengthen the beneficial ones and find the good in the others.

Every person that comes to see me fundamentally believes, though they might not realize it, that they can have a better outcome from their experiences; it’s the reason they came in.  Call it self-hypnosis or simply understand that since we usually get what we expect it is beneficial to expect the better.

Hypnosis strives to enable us to learn the positive lessons of our experiences, to repair and rebuild negative mental imprints in order to create new ones that strengthen and empower us.

Whether at business or in your personal relationships rewire your emotions, overcome perceived barriers and feel confident; know that that something great is about to happen.  Give me a call, come on in; Change your thinking, change your life.*