Connect the dots…

I was traveling on an airplane with a five year old a short time ago, something I have not done for a long time and watched him as he passed the time working in a puzzle book.

The child’s puzzles were connect the dots games which properly completed produced a picture of a dog, cat, shooting star; whatever. As I watched him I thought about the basic goal of therapy; assist the client in connecting some of the dots of their life.

Theoretically if we come to an understanding of our past stresses, anxieties, difficulties of all sorts we can better understand our current coping behaviors like eating, drinking, gambling or shopping which distract us from unpleasant feelings but do not solve any problems.

Hypnosis is an insight therapy allowing one to see the dots more clearly and to do so not only intellectually with the analytic part of our mind but emotionally with the subconscious part of thinking. The analytic mind thinks but does not feel, the subconscious feels but does not think; imagine that. We understand how this separation works whenever we say something like, “I know I shouldn’t have but I did it anyway.”

Hypnosis allows us to go inside that emotional part of thinking and connect our dots differently, to create new pictures which result in improved and more effective reactions to events which are solution behaviors rather than only coping mechanisms.