I began three sessions with Rob in late July. I had been experiencing some problems in my personal and professional life, including a lack of motivation, a sense of dread and fear, a lack of self confidence and a highly negative thought process.

Initially I was very skeptical regarding the effectiveness of hypnosis or even if I would be able to be hypnotized.

Prior to beginning my sessions I spoke with rob at length and explained my guardedness and skepticism.

Rob explained the mechanics of the process and convinced me to try it. I am so glad I did.

Within just days of our first session my self confidence had returned as had my motivation. After procrastinating for several years, I managed to find a publisher for my book, I became far more self confident and in tune with myself and I began to once again think logically and coherently. My sleep pattern has now returned to normal, my personal and professional relationships have improved and I honestly can say that after I completed all three sessions with Rob I was converted…my life had improved tremendously.

Rob’s manner and methods are very professional, comforting and I felt I made the right choice with regards to using Rob as my hypnotist. I thoroughly recommend Rob, his services and I truly believe the changes in my life, in such a short space of time, were wholeheartedly due to Rob and the attention I received.

– Elliot W.

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