Emotional Apocalypse: Anger, Resentment, Guilt and Loss

Emotional Apocalypse

Anger, resentment, guilt and loss; the four horsemen of an emotional apocalypse which keep us chained to the past.

Emotionally dragging the chains of real or imagined past wrongs we become stuck, frozen, bound to events that can not be changed; only altered in our mind. The would have, should have thoughts clatter within our thinking and block out new, positive, creative thinking that could change us for the better and forever.

Altering our thinking, seeing things differently is called, reframing; or simply, changing our minds. Seeing the glass half empty or half full effects the core of our emotional life; we either feel hopeless, empty and lost or bountiful, in control and hopeful. Reframing is not Pollyannaish it is grounded in finding the good within our experiences which enables us to improve our lives.

Forgiveness of those who have given us pain is not done for them but for ourselves because it is letting go of the chains that bind us to grief and resentment. People come to me daily stuck in their emotional apocalypse until they can find the beneficial nugget of gold hidden inside the encrusted rock of unhappiness. After years of speaking with people it is my perception that it is not the events themselves which we struggle with but rather our inability to find a positive, enriching learning experience which keeps us stuck.

Coming to forgiveness, not only of others, but of ourselves; to realistically understand the faults and frailties of our offenders and ourselves is not forgetting, it is learning from the past and emotional liberation.

Rob Collier
Wellspring Hypnosis, LLC
Fort Lauderdale, FL