Fear of Flying

Know anyone with a fear of flying?  How about a pilot who’s afraid to fly as a passenger?  I do.

Fear of flying is usually based on a control issue, perhaps because there was a time in that person’s life when they had the feeling of having control taken from them, felt helpless perhaps.  Like many things when they are out of control, eating, drinking, smoking the basis can frequently be linked to feelings of having been controlled by someone and a reaction to that the situation.

In hypnosis the pilot I mentioned was able to follow the fearful feelings he has as a passenger back to a time when three years old.  He was playing with an adult who held him down under a pillow; he became frightened, felt he could not breathe and had a moment of panic.  Later a similar event occurred which strengthened that initial fear and the sensation of being not in control of events started to become ingrained; call it a phobia or simply an intense irrational fear.

The amazing thing about hypnosis is that a person can unwind an irrational reaction and create a new mental imprint.  That newer imprint becomes more congruent with current goals and aspirations and therefore stronger than the old, negative reaction and the cycle is broken.  I find it rather amazing but I see it all the time.