Forget Me Not…

Can you help me forget my X, is a question I receive regularly receive.

Whether it is the X spouse, girl friend, career or any bad experience the answer is, no, because the real question is how does thinking about that situation make you feel? Angry, sad, frustrated, powerless, fearful… it is the feeling connected to the thought that is the real issue.

Feelings and thoughts which are connected to an experience create mental imprints which continue to swirl in our mind. Like a dog chasing its tail the imprints spins each time we experience one of its elements, feeling, thought or experience and each time it spins the imprint grows more powerful; like a muscle in the body the imprint grows stronger. It is not the experience which is the problem it is our reaction to the issue which needs to be resolved; why a particular situation is being perceived as negative rather than positive is what needs to be resolved.

People come for hypnosis for all sorts of everyday issues, whether to get over a bad experience, achieve feelings of self esteem, quit smoking, lose weight, to move forward in their life to be more happy. Hypnosis is not magic but some of the things that may be achieved with hypnosis might seem magical.