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Free CD download: POWER NAP, eight hours of sleep in ten minutes or less

“Thank you so much for Power Nap, I used it as soon as it downloaded; it’s fabulous.  I also suggested it to my son and daughter in law.”  Best wishes, Betty, Boston, MA

Ever see a small child crying in the late afternoon for no apparent reason? Well if you’ve been a parent, you know that sound, it’s the sound of child that simply needs a nap, the mind and body crying out for a little peaceful time to get recharged; no matter how old we are, we would all benefit from a short moment to recharge. This recording, Power Nap, will be like a power drink for the mind; you’ll be amazed at how energizing this technique is, like an hour’s nap. Power Nap is designed not only to relax the mind and body but it also delivers some tried and true thoughts that over many years have been enormously successful. Hypnosis isn’t magic though many of the things you can accomplish may seem magical. There are several other CDs here at my website, do what is asked in these CDs, work them the way they are meant to be worked and your results can be spectacular, even magical.

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