Fun Stuff Hypnosis: Sports Performance H

Fun Stuff Hypnosis: Sports Performance

Hypnosis for sports improvement is one of the more enjoyable programs we provide.

Whether it is golf, tennis, baseball, swimming, karate, horseback riding; whatever the passion or athletic profession, people have come to Wellspring Hypnosis to improve performance.

Recently Dave, a fellow in his forties, came to get over falling apart when he came to the mound to pitch in his softball league. As you can see from his attached video, Dave is tall, athletic, in good physical condition. He plays ball in a neighborhood league and though it is only amateur sport the league is relatively serious and the players have all been reasonably good varsity and college players. His team recruited him from the outfield when they lost their pitcher and though Dave did great during practice he completely lost control during the games.

Performance anxiety, whether on the sales call, on stage, on the athletic field or in bed is all functionally the same. The moment comes when the anxiety of failure overwhelms us, the emotional side of our mind stirs hidden, forgotten fears and the inner voice of doom shouts in our ear; loser! Whenever the conscious processing, rational part of our mind is in conflict with the emotional, subconscious part the emotional part will always win.

David’s attached video talks about how great he is now doing on the field, even when the count is against him, two strikes, three balls he consistently throws a strike, amazing; particularly to his teammates who keep asking him what happened? Though David is an amateur athlete others have come in who have been top one hundred national athletes in their sport and have had an equally successful experience.

Hypnosis is not magic but some of the things that might be accomplished with hypnosis might seem magical.

Rob Collier is a certified hypnotist at Wellspring Hypnosis, LLC, Oakland Park Fl, 954-938-8000.