Getting There

Years ago I was at lunch in a business conference and was seated next to a Pakistani gentleman who was conversing in Japanese with another person at the table.  Thinking that interesting I asked the fellow where he was from, in a clipped Pakistani, English boarding school accent he replied, “People always ask where I am from, ask me instead, where I am going?”

In a previous article I mentioned ideas from a newsletter of a friend, Kendall SummerHawk*,, and wish to pass these thoughts of hers along as well.

Kendall speaks of the need to periodically make a focused effort to ask where your life and business are headed and what must be done to get there.  Most of us, including myself, allow ourselves to become trapped in the trees of today and get lost in the forest of tomorrow.

Frequently during sessions my clients are asked to start now to become what that have been studying, to implement skills and learning we have been discussing.  As you will see below, Kendall suggests the same concept when she says that “commitment” is the bridge between intention and action and to listening to one’s “Wise Self” which is what one does in hypnosis when we listen to our subconscious; listen to our own inner truth.

Kendall suggests writing down the answers to these questions; writing makes a precise person, as Ben Franklin was fond of saying.  Writing also engages the tactile senses along with the visual and makes the exercise powerful:

  • What is working for me? And what makes it work?
  • Where am I being powerful in my life; personally and in business?
  • What makes me most proud at this moment; where is there a feeling of gratitude?
  • What is my clear and specific vision for the end of the year?
  • What do I tangibly want that I do not have now?
  • What am I committed to; this is the bridge between intention and action, between though and actualization.
  • What information do I need in order to focus my time and energy?
  • What daily action would I take if I were unstoppable?
  • And to each question add, “What else?”

Allowing the information to flow freely without judgmental thoughts allows for a more creative process; a clarity to move beyond old thinking.

In Alice in Wonderland, Alice comes to a fork in the road, uncertain of which road to take she asks the Cheshire cat in the tree which road to take.  The cat asks where she is going, Alice replies that she does not know; the cat responds, “Then it does not make any difference.”

Plan your way; see you on the journey.

Rob Collier

*Kendall SummerHawk,, advertises her website as the leader in certified coach training for women entrepreneurs but I think boys will like it too.