Hypnosis for Feelings How you feeling; h

Hypnosis for Feelings

How you feeling; happy, sad, angry, frustrated, overwhelmed? Why do we even have feelings, what are they for, how do they serve us?

We all know that a car has a gas gauge; imagine if the gauge were broken and driving along on a distant road the car suddenly stopped. Everything seemed fine, checked under the hood, yup, engine was still there. Put more oil in the oil place, water in the water place, air in the tires… did everything you could think of and the car still would not run; how would you feel then? Some clients say frustrated, angry or overwhelmed. Interestingly the client’s predominant feeling pattern is readily reflected when asked their response to this hypothetical situation; the angry clients feel angry, the sad feel more sad.

Emotions are the gauges of our feelings; they let us know how well we are satisfying our wants, needs and desires. Understanding which gauge is flashing, what it means and what must be done to satisfy that signal is key to resolving the unpleasant emotion. If we misunderstand the gas gauge and try to get the car moving by adding more water to the radiator nothing will happen. If we continue to try to satisfy our own needs by doing the wrong thing, eating too much, drinking, kicking the cat, we fail and our emotions begin to cascade. We move from one emotion to another and finally to giving up; a feeling that we have done everything we can, nothing works so why even bother.

Fundamentally, hypnosis assists clients in understanding which gauge is flashing, what it means and what must be done to better satisfy that need. More to come about identifying our feelings and how to meet our wants, needs and desires.

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