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*Individual results may vary with hypnosis and are dependent on many variables including the client’s attitude, follow-through, adherence to the program and personal health and history; some issues may require a medical referral and supervision.  If required we will be pleased to assist you in obtaining a referral.


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Assisting Individuals in Overcoming Barriers and Achieving Goals

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    • Imagine being a non-smoker.

    • Imagine feeling in control again of what had been out of control.

    • Imagine feeling more healthy, breathing more easily, having more energy; smelling fresh and clean.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhy do you want to stop smoking?

Every person says they want to stop smoking for health reasons; but that is not enough.

Move towards the things that make you happy.

Change your thinking to focus on the powerful personal benefits of change and nothing will stand in your way.  We move towards the things we want much more powerfully than we avoid the things we do not want.  Change your behavior for the things you want, not for the things you do not want.

The secret to why people stop smoking when they come to Wellspring Hypnosis is because they are helped to realize the hidden reasons they want to become a non-smoker.  The powerful personal benefits which become impossible to ignore and propel them to success.

For many, becoming a non-smoker becomes a first step towards taking control of what had been thought to have been out of control.

Hypnosis is not magic but some of the things that may be accomplished might seem magical.

Imagine opening a new door in your life, to move with confidence to overcome barriers perceived to have been insurmountable.  It is not quitting something that propels us, it is the becoming of something that is irresistible; that is the magic of hypnosis.

Wellspring Hypnosis center has been helping people use hypnosis to stop smoking  from Vero Beach, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and the Keys for nearly twenty years.  Our written and video testimonials from prior clients reflect personal experiences about quitting smoking, dealing with relationships, stress and overcoming perceived barriers of many types.

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Phone or email Rob Collier now for a consultation: 954-938-8000