Letting Go, Moving On, Forgetting The Past

Many people phone asking can make them forget someone, “I wish I could just erase them from my mind” is often the expression.

No one can be made to forget with hypnosis, in a stage show an imaginary forgetting might be one of the gags, like “forgetting” your name, but actually the experience is much more like momentarily not being able to say the name rather than forgetting it.  If hypnosis would make someone forget we could just erase the secret stuff from anyone with a security a security concern and eliminate any problems.  The real issue is to find the good in our experiences rather than forget them.

As we get older we may sometimes think of the good ol’ days but what we actually are doing is remembering selectively; we purge out the negative memories and remember the good.  A child does this regularly, “Don’t go in the puddle” is retranslated, “Go in the puddle”; it’s the reason the adult than says, “Didn’t I tell you not to do that?”  We may thank back to how great it was in high school or some other time but few of us would really like to grind through the teenage years again without the hindsight of experience.

The secret in moving forward from our negative, less happy experiences, is finding in them a learning experience that is somehow positive.  We really do learn what it is that we want, what is important to us, how to live our lives by experiencing what it is that we do not want.  Painful as it may be we function like heat seeking missals, finding the heat by sensing the cold.

Getting over a lost love, sadness from whatever source, is not forgetting but rather remembering what was good, what was sought, how it was of benefit.  Finding the heat enables us to better redirect ourselves towards a target that better meets our needs.

Rob Collier, Wellspring Hypnosis, Fort Lauderdale, FL  www.hypnosisLLC.com