Overcoming Barriers to Success

*Individual results may vary with hypnosis and are dependent on many variables including the client’s attitude, follow-through, adherence to the program and personal health and history; some issues may require a medical referral and supervision.  If required we will be pleased to assist you in obtaining a referral.

Imagine overcoming perceived barriers and succeeding in ways thought to be impossible.

It continues to amaze me that incidents or mistaken beliefs that may have held us back for years were often not dramatic but actually quite innocuous.

It’s common to receive calls from adults that are taking licensing or postgraduate exams but continue to fail, “I get into the exam room, my hands begin to sweat, I get this dizzy feeling and everything I know seems to dry up.”  Hypnosis is all about feelings we don’t like which seem to overcome us at unknown times; just seem to pop up and shut us down.

A law student came in a short time ago who was unable to pass the bar exam. In hypnosis the student was able to follow feelings and thoughts related to exams back to a time when he was in grade school, listening to his teacher telling Mom that he was having trouble in algebra, remembered the “Look of disappointment” on Mom’s face.  He remembered Dad telling him he would never amount to anything, wasn’t a student like his older brother, “You obviously inherited your Mother’s brains she didn’t do well in school either.”

We have all heard negative comments which simply rolled off our back but at that moment Mom’s parental look and Dad’s remarks took root, found mental soil that was just right for accepting and nurturing a defeating thought.  In hypnosis the student was able to see things from the perspective of being all grown up, to understand in a deep visceral way that many exams had been passed to get into law school and throughout that study.  The client was able to go into the ground of the subconscious as if to correct a damaged thought.  A few weeks later the person phoned, passed the exam just fine and went on to pass exams other states as well.*

Overcoming barriers to our success, whether taking exams or surmounting any of life’s challenges, hypnosis might help us understand the roots of our feelings and rework their pathways.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, the hypnotist might simply guide the client within themselves to heal the hurt, nourish strengths that have always been there and allow one to grow strong and well; to succeed.