Overcoming Fear, Moving Forward In Our Lives

*Individual results may vary with hypnosis and are dependent on many variables including the client’s attitude, follow-through and adherence to the program; some issues may require a medical referral and supervision.  If required we will be pleased to assist you in obtaining a referral.

iStock_000001017067XSmallWhether it’s creepy crawly things, darkness or things that go bump in the night, we all feel fearful of something.

Fear is good, an internal guidance signal resonating from lessons of the past, either taught or experienced.  However, when that resonance keeps us from everyday tasks fear becomes a barrier to living.  Amazing how a seemingly minor experience might cause future havoc and how apparently dissimilar the initial event to the current result.

A woman came to see me who was having increasing difficulty driving her car over the many bridges crossing our Florida canals.  In our pre-hypnosis interview nothing was reported which would indicate a reason for this apparent fear of heights now keeping her from visiting friends and family.  In hypnosis however, moving from our conscious, thinking, processing part of our mind to that subconscious section where memory is mixed and sorted through emotion, a story did emerge.

Once when about six years old, this now sixty year old woman, was fishing with her father in a small boat, she was leaning over the side and slipped into the water.  As quickly as she fell into the water her father reached down and plucked her out, entire incident probably lasted less than two minutes.  The resonance of that moment continued however and began to bubble up as this woman began to perceive herself entering into a more vulnerable part of her life; nothing to do with heights but thoughts of aging.

Hypnosis might allow us to review prior leaning without the conflict of that conscious, analytical part of our mind clinging to old, protective thinking.  Imagine if we were able to re-read a book whose pages had been soiled and its meaning distorted but the pages were now cleaned, allowing the words to tell a whole new story.  The little girl had taken proper precautions, wore a life vest, others were with her, the boat was safe, she knew how to swim; she survived.  Focusing on those lessons and the parallels to her current life freed her from the ill sounding notes of the past.

The subconscious part of our mind can not distinguish between what’s real or imagined, hypnosis allows might one to enter that part of ourselves where fact and fiction have mixed with emotion and created, for better or worse, the book from which we interpret our world.  Fear can paralyze, it can spread through many areas of our lives, make us ill, keep us from attaining professional, personal or emotional success.

Clearing away the debris of past storms may allows us to more easily see the landscape of the future, to create plans for our growth; knowledge might sets us free.