Performance… the joy and stress of stardom

Stage performers, concert impresarios, writers, athletes and entertainers better known than Elvis Presley have come to be with me for stress.  The stressors and pressures they face are of the same nature as the rest of us doctors, lawyers and Indian chiefs but they have been digging their hole for so much longer.

To get to the top of their profession, even to participate, these stars have been at it since childhood, practicing their instrument, voice, or stroke for endless hours before the rest of us were even out of high school.  Burrowing into their furrow for a very long time.

The emotional toll is slowly ratcheting up during hours of rehearsals, recitals and tryouts and the inner demon is growing in strength; am I good enough, will I make it, will they clap?  Together with their own self-created monster is layered obligations to the support network who has also suffered through the process with their own commitments and invested expectations.  But maybe the most dreadful result is that so much childhood learning and development has often been lost.

The less gifted of us has likely had a variety of interests, played a little sports, learned a bit of an instrument, thought about various careers but not the child who becomes the star.  The star-child has been encased within a very narrow box.  So tightly has their box been crafted that there may be no other interests, capabilities or perceived life off the public stage; a frightening prospective for the grown adult.  What will happen if the ball does not drop, the note is not reached or they do not clap for me?

Actually not dissimilar to the rest of us mortals, the star needs to find the self within the costume.  Finding oneself is to reveal the roots which have been growing since we began, what has truly nurtured us and is capable of supporting growth in many directions.

We are all far more than a one trick pony but it is that mistaken belief which traps us in self-doubt and despair.  Hypnosis for performance, hypnosis for STARS, enables one to find the fundamental strengthens which nourish a sense of self, expands our thinking and enables growth, change and reinvention.

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