Performance We are all stars just looking for a place to shine.

Educational, Civic and Business Organizations my be interested in a motivational, informative and highly entertaining presentation:

The Show: Catch a Star© transforms the people who volunteer to be hypnotized into movie stars, each participant believing they are trying out for a role in new movie being filmed in their city.  Rob Collier is the director, guiding these cast members into a hypnotic state and hilariously reflecting the power of our mind and the humanity in us all.

Each presentation is both a spectacularly unique musical comedy as well as a motivational rocket ship; with every show there is a new cast and a fresh experience.  You will recharge your spirit and laugh till your sides hurt.  Everyone truly is a star just waiting for a chance to shine.

Robert illustrates that by merely suggesting that we can or cannot do something, most people will have similar experiences, yet the individuality which comes through makes each show unpredictable in a predictable way.  We laugh because we see things that we may have done, had we been chosen to be on stage, and because the performances of those that were, are so wonderfully creative and absurd.

Performance:Robert has been a motivational speaker for over twenty years and has addressed local and national professional groups such as the nursing staff at his community Holy Cross Hospital, The Dynetech Corporation’s national conventions of The American Cash Flow Association, and the Guardian ad Litem program of Broward County, Florida.  Recent stage performances include Saturday night entertainment aboard the SeaEscape gambling ship from Fort Lauderdale.

About Rob: The stage is comfortable for Robert, whether he is speaking to motivate or hypnotizing for entertainment, he is always professional, dynamic, and creative.  His craft allows people to be themselves and for the audience to recognize their remarkable inner child itching to come out and play.

Be amazed and entertained by Robert Collier entertainer, clinical hypnotist and motivational speaker. (More about Robert)