PINHOLES… Why is a picture worth a tho


Why is a picture worth a thousand words?

Firstly it is the same reason the ophthalmologist has you look through those tiny pinholes during an eye exam… focus. The pinhole occluder, piece of cardboard with pinholes, is a way to focus light and remove refractive errors in the eye’s lens resulting in sharpened vision.

Kind of like what’s happening with the NFL domestic violence video.

Secondly having a situation described but not seen allows for imagination, like the six blind men each touching one part of an elephant and trying to decide what it is. A picture narrows thinking, leaving must less to imagination; also the reason the black eyed model photo went viral.

Problem with a picture however, is that once locked into the mind’s eye it can prevent imaginative thinking. The mind is a tricky thing, once accepting an idea it is exceedingly reluctant to change the thought; changing your mind requires a lot of work.

Of all the information I have read regarding the spousal abuse/NFL issue was a study by indicating that the NFL domestic violence arrest rate is nearly half the national average for the same age and affluence group (55.5% of the national average)1 . Certainly the individuals involved in these violence issues must be held responsible for their behavior but images can trap our thinking, allowing one to isolate solution to specifics rather the more difficult task of solving the larger issue.

In the era of sound bites, the confusion of journalistic comedians and a press where everyone with a computer can singularly be reporter/editor/publisher a picture can no longer complete the thought. The quick fix picture is so enticing but worth more than a thousand words.

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