Poof, Puff… Up In Smoke Smoking Cessatio

Poof, Puff… Up In Smoke
Smoking Cessation

Did you know that 18% of Americans still smoke, 49% are under 44 years old, smoking accounts for 1 out of 5 deaths and that Florida ranks 16th among the states for smokers?

I did some research the other day about smoking cessation techniques using hypnosis and was very surprised to see the plethora of out dated, ineffective techniques still being used. It likely accounts for why a recent client, Trevor, had been to six other hypnotists and came to me because he was still smoking; his video is attached.

The predominant ineffective hypnosis technique and national anti-smoking advertising continues to be aversion suggestion, focused on telling all the horrible consequences of smoking… who does not already know those things it is printed on the package? Hypnosis can be extraordinarily effective in helping someone stop smoking but it needs to be directed towards enabling the client to understand what benefit they perceive to be deriving form the behavior. The concept is fundamental, whatever our behavior, as maladaptive, as ineffective, as potentially self destructive as it may be, we only do things that at least momentarily make as feel good.

Emotionally we are all built to avoid pain and seek pleasure. We may understand a behavior to be damaging but if it feels good we do it anyway; whenever intellect is in conflict with emotion the emotional side will always win.

Smoking cessation directed to helping the person understand what pleasure is derived from smoking, understood not intellectually but viscerally/emotionally, they are able to develop new behavior that is equally as pleasurable but more beneficial.

Hypnosis is an insight process enabling the user to go within themselves in a dispassionate manner unrestricted by intellectual thought. Understanding our behavior from a different perspective amazingly opens the pathway to new thinking which may change our life forever.

Whether stopping smoking, losing weight, overcoming stress, hurdling emotional barriers or building the self confidence to move forward in our life hypnosis is not magic but some of the things that may be accomplished with hypnosis my seem magical.

Take a look at Trevor’s short video attached.