Powerless, Overwhelmed

“After the first session I felt different… “

One of the things that continues to amaze me is that the root cause of what is now creating emotional distress was almost always insignificant and different than what is provoking the current turmoil.

In the jargon of hypnosis, the initial sensitizing event is kind of like a sniffle that over time became a chest cold and suddenly turned to pneumonia.

Somewhere along the way we develop mistaken thinking, it roots into our emotional thought pattern and in time grows stronger. Like a muscle of our body which is exercised repeatedly the thought/emotion reaction grows stronger from repetition until it seems to explode all by itself. “Wow, I really over reacted… I don’t know what came over me,” might be something we have all said at one time or another.

A woman came in a short time ago having had a terrible reaction to an MRI exam; felt as if the machine was going to crush her chest. The woman told me about growing up, her wonderful experiences as a child and her current, pleasant retirement; except for this other feeling which also included a progressively increasing fear of heights.

In hypnosis her mind, thinking first about being in the MRI machine, immediately took her back to a time as a young girl when she took a bad fall from her bicycle. Rushed to the hospital she later spent a bit of unpleasant time with the oral surgeon. There in the dental chair she felt powerless, trapped, gagging from the procedure; the imprint was formed.

But she was not a child any longer and in hypnosis she was able to distinguish between the younger self and the current successful, self confident present self… and change took place; amazing, she took back her power. Take a moment, listen to Rudy’s similar experience.

Change your thinking, change your life.

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