Achieve Goals


Wish to focus your mind, change your life; achieve, succeed!  (Immediate download)

*A motivational presentation; individual results are dependent on many variables including the participant’s attitude, follow-through and adherence to the program.

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Achieve Goals: Life, Love and Livelihood Download

The material you will hear in Life, Love and Livelihood is adapted from suggestions developed by Dr. John Hartland, a British psychiatrist, who published this presentation in 1965. After a lifetime of psychiatric work, he wrote that he had found his monologue to be enormously successful in assisting his clients in overcoming whatever issue they were working on and achieving the goals and aspirations they sought.* Recorded with a “double-induction” technique, you may be guided into a wonderfully relaxing experience of three voices, each reinforcing the central message of change and accomplishment.

Alter your life by perhaps altering your attitudes of mind… life is probably less about what you know and much more about how you feel. Intended to help work towards feeling relaxed and guided into accessing the wealth of resources hidden deep within yourself, this CD may help you to focus those abilities and to assist you in achieving your most desired goals, every day, in many ways. It is said that mind forms new habits faster than many realize; seek to feel more self-confident, to have more energy each day and experience changes you may have wanted for years.

We are pleased to offer all of our Self Hypnosis CDs as immediate downloads.  Each of our CDs was initially created for a specific client and then modified for general use.  These presentations have been used many times by a wide variety of clients and found to be helpful and effective; enjoy.*

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