Pain Management


Relax the mind, the body will follow; imagine accelerating healing.  (Immediate download)

*A motivational presentation; individual results are dependent on many variables including the participant’s attitude, follow-through and adherence to the program.

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Self Hypnosis for Pain Management

Hypnotic Anesthesia is designed to assist you in guiding yourself into a wonderful depth of hypnosis where it may be possible to create a special sort of numbness, hypnotic anesthesia. Imagine if you could create a hypnotic anesthesia which might be more effective than Novocain; a Hypnotic Anesthesia which may be focused directly to that part of your body which needs attention. Please note, it is expected and urged that you have consulted your care provider regarding any pain or discomfort before using this CD.

In deep levels of hypnosis it is thought that the electrochemical messages, which the brain interprets as discomfort, may slow down and this difference in transmission speed may create the same effect as anesthesia; the necessary area of the body as if discomfort free. The other interesting thing about discomfort is that much of pain may be caused by stress or fear. When stressed or fearful our muscles tighten, greater pressure is placed on weak areas and you get that discomfort we call pain. Additionally, when stressed the body’s internal immune system is inhibited and healing of every sort is diminished. In many ways, simply being able to relax may enable the body to accelerate its own healing.

In self-hypnosis you are able to respond to your care takers and to participate with them in following medical instructions to seek a more perfect, rapid, comfortable recovery from surgery, illness or other bodily discomfort. Imaging practicing what is being taught in this CD and allowing yourself to accept the suggestions as your absolute reality. Packaged with Hypnosis Works, the how what and why of hypnosis.

We are pleased to offer all of our Self Hypnosis CDs as immediate downloads.  Each of our CDs was initially created for a specific client and then modified for general use.  These presentations have been used many times by a wide variety of clients and found to be helpful and effective; enjoy.*

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