Stop Smoking


Desire to be a non smoker, to feel great about yourself.  (Immediate download)

*A motivational presentation; individual results are dependent on many variables including the participant’s attitude, follow-through and adherence to the program.

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Seek to be a Non-Smoker with Poof Puff and How Hypnosis Works CDs

Seek to be a Non-Smoker with Poof Puff and How Hypnosis Works CDs | Stop Smoking Hypnosis 

Imagine taking control of a part of your life that may have been out of control for a long, long time; how good it might be to feel great about yourself. For some people smoking may simply be a habit we started as a youngster in order to fit in, to be part of the crowd; but you’re all grown up now, how many more cigarettes do you need to fit in? Whether you started smoking when young or began as an adult, some people stop smoking every day without feelings of withdrawal, cravings or substituting food.

A two CD series packaged with How Hypnosis Works: As you can tell by the title, Hypnosis Works is all about how, what and why hypnosis does work. This presentation is made with every new client that comes to my office and meets with me personally. It is also urged that anyone purchasing my other CD programs listen FIRST to this recording before any of the others. Hypnosis is not magic, though many of the things that one can accomplish, in a remarkably short time, may seem like magic to some. Do what is suggested, work it the way it is meant to be worked and your results may be spectacular.

We are pleased to offer all of our Self-Hypnosis CDs as immediate downloads.  Each of our CDs was initially created for a specific client and then modified for general use.  These presentations have been used many times by a wide variety of clients and found to be helpful and effective; enjoy.*

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