Rain Drops


The single rain drop never feels responsible for the flood.

 Imagine when you are born your mind is a clear clay slope and then one day a little bit of rain starts to fall, call it an experience, and if strong enough a mental imprint begins to form.  Call the imprint sadness, anger, fear, anxiousness or whatever.

Along the way a little more rain and some of the streams, the imprints, begin to flow together and one gets to be very strong.  Than one day, years later, a single rain drop falls and there is a flood, an overwhelming emotion gushes up.  The cumulative build up of emotion had been held back by a levee system of distracters like eating too much, drinking, smoking, shopping, gambling, drugging or whatever “too much” until there were not enough sandbags and the levee burst.

Hypnosis enables someone to recognize their compensating behaviors, distracters, in a new light; to make connections which may have somewhat been known but not clearly understood.  Knowing what the benefit of the unwanted behavior had been leads one to find new techniques which resolve the underlying pressure rather than simply distracting or ignoring them away.  The process may not be fun but many people have said that finally resolving their issue felt as if an elephant had been lifted from their chest.

Your doctor or pharmacist may have reminded you to finish all the medication even though you may be feeling better.  A hypnosis program is much the same; it is a process that must be finished through to have the desired results.  The biggest mistake is not seeing the process through to conclusion.

Hypnosis to stop smoking, lose weight or reduce stress is a process of looking at the rain drops, understanding their cumulative build up and then coming in out of the storm.