Referral Links

Hypnotists I respect and would recommend to friends:

State Hypnotist
Wendi Frieson
California Wendi Frieson
Matt Sison
Los Angeles and San Francisco California Matt Sison
Connecticut Mind Matters Hypnosis
Tracey Burchard
Florida, Central Body and Mind Hypnosis
Dr. Gerald F. Kein
Florida, North Omni Hypnosis Center
William D. Horton
Florida, North NFNLP
Florida, South Rob Collier, Wellspring Hypnosis
Dr. CS Giles
Illinois Counseling Ministries
Dr. Tom Nicoli
Massachusetts Tom Nicoli
Cal Banyan
California Banyan Hypnosis Center
Don Mottin
Missouri Mottin & Johnson Institute
Dwight Damon
New Hampshire National Guild of Hypnotist
Helga Rahn Dengler
Rochester , New York Inner Harmony Hypnosis
John Petrocelli
New York The Hypnosis Center
William Molitor
Ohio Tri-State Hypnosis
Pennsylvania Michael R. Weir