Should have ordered the fish… regret

Imagine not being able to read the gas gauge on you car, maybe it was broken or you were in a different country and could not tell which was the gas? Obviously you would eventually stop moving; actually and maybe figuratively as well.

We all have gauges within ourselves, they are called emotions. Happy, sad, anger, guilt, overwhelmed, frustrated emotions letting us know how our engine is doing; how our wants, needs and desires are being met. Imagine the sadness gauge, when have you felt sad in your life, the small times and large?

Sadness is loss, the loss of something or someone of importance. The loss of a loved one is most common amongst us all. Whether from a passing or a broken relationship these losses can be very painful but are also exacerbated by auxiliary emotions like guilt, anger or regret. Understanding the secondary and tertiary emotions can lead us out of the feelings of despair which are common in such situations. What is the gauge telling us, can we separate out one emotion from the other to find resolution in greater clarity of thinking?

People come for hypnosis for all sorts of reasons, hypnosis for relationships, smoking, eating, gambling, shopping too much and loss of many kinds; sorting out the underlying feelings can bring solution, relief and growth.  The following video is low light but a strong message.