Some Truth About Hypnosis & Weight Loss

Though hypnosis continues to be misunderstood and is clouded by myths and misconceptions, there are a few areas most people know of hypnosis being used; stop smoking, reduce stress and weight loss. Hypnosis being used to achieve weight loss goals has proven to be very effective; however, even in this situation the use of hypnosis is typically misunderstood.

I have to chuckle inside just a bit each time a client tells me theirbehaviors are h ealthier, they feel better with a more positive attitude but they are somewhat frustrated because… “I haven’t lost much weight.” Sorry folks if this is a surprise, but hypnosis does not shed fat from the body. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could use the power of our minds to melt fat away like ice in the sun? How does hypnosis work? It helps direct behavior changes and thought patterns to be healthier, which in turn lets the body do what it does in the process of reducing weight by releasing fat.

Another factor each person who uses hypnosis for their weight loss goal overlooks is that each of us is different. Age, gender, genetics, lifestyle, level of desire, etc. all play a part in how the body will respond. Just because your friend Bobby lost 20 pounds in a month doesn’t mean you should expect the same results. Yours could be better or not as good. Think of it this way; what you would be best served as your focus is that you are now becoming healthier; healthier physically and  emotionally. Also, keep in mind that time is going to pass no matter what you are doing. If you are doing what’s best regarding what’s necessary to reach a goal, over time you will get the results you seek.

Another thing to look at is prescription medication. So many people are on such a variety of meds these days, many of which have a side effect of weight gain or impeding weight loss. Still, using the services of a reputable, certified, hypnotism professional, you can increase your chances of not only losing unhealthy excess weight but maintain a healthier lifestyle as well.

Hypnosis is becoming more and more understood as the missing link for successful weight loss and offers one very enticing point. When using the typical approach of will power and conscious thinking, it is a battle. A mind battle that will power usually ends up losing. When using hypnosis to redirect behaviors to be healthy, the struggle is removed and the process to lose weight becomes much more enjoyable. Isn’t that what everyone really wants, to be healthy and happy?