Squeeze Me

Ever take a telescope, binoculars and look through the big end? Of course, it takes a big picture and makes it smaller.

Creating a smaller world is one way of coping, it can give us a sense of control; protect our own narrative of self. The more we look through the big end the closer we move to what one might call, narcissism.

Mentally it is as if we have an internal librarian with very strict ideas about what should be to be on our shelves. The librarian sees information coming towards its door, compares that thought with what we already have stored up and lets in what is the same or similar; what is different is shut out. The librarian is very important, it keeps us from believing nonsense, like the world is flat, unless of course we believe that it is so we do not have to face our fear of water, go too far away from home or get to close to the edge.

The librarian is the protector of our world, our sense of self and how things work around us. We all have an internal narrative, a strict idea about who we think we are and how we came to be this way. We all struggle to maintain that library, we have spent hours, days and years building it. As if we were scientists who, having discovered a previously unknown piece of knowledge, nurtured it, built universal concepts and products based on it and are now forced to defend and protect that idea; our very lives are built on it.

Initially there seem to be only two choices when confronted by ideas different than those in our library; reject them or squish, mash or twist them until they fit in. Kind of like squeezing a piece of puzzle into a hole where it does not belong. But there is actually a third choice, we can change our mind; see things differently.

Everyone that comes for hypnosis has a personal narrative which is trying accept a new piece of their puzzle but cannot find the where it fits. Stop smoking, lose weight, move into or out of a relationship is about wanting to change or accept the status quo and not being able to do it.

Hypnosis helps to get out of our own way. As if to change our seat and look down at our puzzle from a different perspective. To either change or mind or accept that we must change the puzzle.

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