Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Stop smoking hypnosis is the best way to quit smoking

“Does it work?” is the first question people ask when they phone to quit smoking.  Yup, it works if you do it right.

Take a look at someone when they take that first drag of a cigarette, particularly if they really, really want a smoke.  Watch their eyes and facial expression and you will notice the look of stress, worry, concern on their face.  In every case you will notice a sort of stare, their eyes will roll up and then down in a repeated pattern.  If they were not smoking but behaving the same way, had the same expression on their face you might ask them if something were wrong, if you could help them perhaps.

In many ways smoking in adults is like taking a deep breath on inhale and then a sigh of relief on exhale… “Oh gosh” might be the words you would hear if they would speak the feeling.  A behavior that may have started for all sorts of adolescent reasons as a kid matures into a distracter as an adult, a behavior that serves to release stress of some sort.  Problem is that smoking is an ineffective response to the unpleasant feeling that bubbled up.

When smoking cessation is focused on enabling the person to understand, identify the feeling they are trying to blow away, suck down, they find a more effective behavior.  When a new coping mechanism is developed the old, harmful, less effective behavior is left behind because it is no longer useful or needed.

Yes, hypnosis can work to help someone stop smoking; when done right.

Rob Collier is a certified hypnotist at Wellspring Hypnosis, LLC, Oakland Park Fl, 954-938-8000.