Stress Management, How to Deal with Stress

Driving to work with my wife this morning we heard a news item about someone kicked off an airplane because they were drunk; the person was on their way to a rehab program.

My wife was a bit astonished by the thought of getting drunk on your way to rehabilitation but is sounded perfectly normal to me; I’ve seen it before.  Imagine the stress which drives us to behaviors that distract us from unpleasant feelings, behaviors like smoking, drinking, shopping too much, eating too much, gambling too much.  Imagine the degree of stress which must bubble up when thinking that the escape mechanism is going to be taken away.

Time again I see people coming for smoking cessation having that last cigarette outside my office building or telling me what they had for breakfast the day they came to begin their weight loss program; you would think it was their last meal.

One of the charms of utilizing hypnosis is that when change occurs it is because the client moves towards a perceived benefit which is far stronger than the old negative behavior which they utilized for distraction in the past.

When you move towards pleasure it is pain free.