I found Rob online because I was under a lot of stress and mental anguish due to a recent health misdiagnosis. After months of blood tests and doctor visits I had finally had a bill of clean health but it was hard for me to believe because I was diagnosed with a type of blood parasite that could lie dormant for years and “silently” affect organs as time passes. The stress of facing an “incurable and unstudied (in western medicine) disease left me to my own imagination and coping skills. At the time when I found Rob, my coping skills had run out and I was experiencing daily anxiety and panic attacks.

During the intense sessions with Rob, he was able to direct my thoughts and attitude towards calmness and clarity. Over the next month I committed to the process and had weekly breakthroughs that began with me realizing that my ability to process and handle conflicts were linked to some unresolved issues from my youth. Once that was clear, we started the journey towards regaining control of my emotions and that brought me hope. The process cleaned out the “backpack of trash” I had carried along with me for too long in order to start filling my backpack with things I would need to get me to the best me. In whole, the process was an emotional breakthrough that put my mindset in a capable place to fulfill new destinies that await.

Rob was definitely a needed first step. I and my family will always appreciate Rob for his expertise.