The Big Kazoo

Everyone who has ever sat with me for hypnosis knows that I continue to ask, “Why are you here?”

I ask the question several times during the session, so often that I sometimes wonder if they think I have early dementia or Alzheimer’s but a careful listener will notice a different inflection in my tone or a different stare into their eyes. People come for all sorts of reasons, stop smoking, lose weight, get over or begin a new relationship, feel more secure, be more successful, stop biting, itching or aching inside or out. All certainly unpleasant feelings in themselves but the most critical question is what’s the bonus; if you were to be able to change today what would be the big payoff, WHAT’S THE BIG KAZOO?

What drives us in our lives is what we truly want, the stuff that holds us back is like comfort food; it might be bad but it makes us feel good about staying in place. Problem of course is thinking that if we could only get over the immediate hurdle everything would be great. If I were only bigger, slimmer, blonder, redder, taller, shorter, curlier, straighter, prettier, handsomer and more wealthy then I would be… what? HAPPY!

A short time ago my brother sent me an Internet piece attributed to John Lennon, it said that when he was small his mother told him that the secret of life was happiness. When he got to the third grade his teacher asked what he wanted to be when he grew up and he said, happy. She told him he didn’t understand the assignment; he told her she didn’t understand life. Cute, but over and over again when I repeat the question, why are you here, the final answer is always, TO BE HAPPY.

Stay tune, more to come about happy… Grasshopper.

Meanwhile please allow a shout out and introduction to my friend, colleague and first choice in acupuncture physicians, Susan Mitchell, Health Oriented in Fort Lauderdale, who when I became really ill a couple of times helped me through along with my western medicine doctor.

Change your thinking, change your life.

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