The Journey

How do you eat an elephant… one bite at a time.

Fundamentally the process of being a clinical hypnotist is based on being right brained, not that I am creative in the way a musician is but being able to help the people that come to me  is based on a way of seeing problems differently and developing creative ways for solution; like you folks do many times in your life. Here’s a link you might enjoy, Right Brained vs Left Brained Creativity Test.1

Many who come to see me want to make a simple change, stop smoking, lose weight, play better golf; all seemingly very straightforward and an end in themselves. Wrong, the initial goal is actually a doorway, a passage through wish they begin to make major changes in their life. Yesterday I spoke with one of my past smokers and his response to me was typical, “I have stopped smoking and have gone on to make some other changes in my life that I had been tying to do.”

The remarkable part of changing our lives is that it can be initiated with an an extraordinary small initial step; kind of like getting out of a rut, breaking the inertia of routine. Now inertia is basically good, it keeps large boulders from freely rolling around and crushing us. But inertia in our lives can be boring. Remember that expertise is a skilled learned through repetition and whether you are a brain surgeon or sales person boredom is an inherent characteristic of repetition.

Breaking free can begin with a tiny change in routine, the pattern of beginning your day, tying your shoes, exercise schedule, where you sit at the table (one of my favorites… gives you a whole new perspective; try it). Think big, begin small.

1. The Art Institute of Vancouver ›› Burnaby Location, 3264 Beta Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5G 4K4