The Snake

Snakes, spiders, cellars, darkness, dogs or whatever, “frighten me”, is a common beginning to many coming to see me at Wellspring Hypnosis.

There is always an eagerness by the client to tell me when the problem began but the reality is that there is never an understanding of the actual beginning of the problem. What the client is actually remembering is the event where the problem was first noticed. Focusing on that incident becomes a catalyst for the client to weave together a cloth out of a mistaken idea.

A client came in fearful of snakes, remembered a time as a small child living in the Philippines when his father rushed into the courtyard and killed a snake with large stick, carried it in front of him to throw it away as he huddled terrified under a nearby bush. Now living in Florida, years later, he is so afraid of snakes that he will not go into his backyard.

The frightened child was in fact not focused on the scary snake but on the fear and apparent anger in father’s face. Crouched in the bush the child saw the father’s reddened face, the stick lashing out at the snake and then, throwing the snake into the field, breathless, wide eyed, chest heaving looked around and father caught the eyes of the hiding child! Coming towards the child, stick held high, the child was terrified; was he now to beat me?

It’s not about the snake, it’s about the surrounding events that prepared the mind to receive the information in a distorted manner. If it were simply about the snake, the perceived event that began the problem, the adult would certainly know that it survived the event, was now grown up, in different circumstances, in control and therefor safe. But the adult stays frightened because the root of the issue is hidden.

Hypnosis allows someone to review past events, called regression, from the perspective of the experiencing child and simultaneously as the experienced adult. Realizing that it was not about the snake but mistakenly fearful of the father, who would never hurt the child, allows the initial thinking error to be corrected.

Imagine the mind as if a giant word processor which saved a misspelled word as correct and the writer never noticed the error. After years of misspelling the writer finally sees the incorrect spelling, purges it out the program’s memory and the processor never makes the error again.

It happens every day in the office; imagine that!

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