Through The Woods

Most years I return to the Appalachian Trail, 2120 miles stretching from Springer Mountain, GA to Baxter State Park in ME, to hike another segment of about 100 miles.

Purposefully maintained as remote, wilderness experience you travel about twelve miles a day, give or take a few depending on the terrain, so three days into it you are about 35 miles into a very deep part of a mountain somewhere. Every year I look around at about this point, carrying thirty pounds of gear on my back, crawling up the back side of mountain, maybe in the rain and ask myself, what a I doing? My first thought is to turn back and go home but I never want to hike all the back on that difficult trail, it’s always difficult, so I groan on; only way out of the woods is through the woods.

People coming for hypnosis with me frequently remark that they had thought they had left behind them some of the issues, difficult experiences they find themselves talking about. The pain of those seemingly buried memories is very apparent and I nearly always think about stopping the conversation, moving on to something less difficult to talk about and then I remember the woods. Turning back, not going on is like giving up on the trail; fact is, the only way out of the woods is through the woods.

Fellow came in recently, sent me a note a few days later saying that he had dredged up ghosts he thought he had long ago buried, wanted to smoke more after my session than before but had not. He said that he had been growling at people all week, his note to me was growl. Fact is that anger, sucking it down, holding it down until he needed a smoke to blow it away was all about the session with me. I though about the note, smiled to myself because he got it. He may not yet realize it but for him smoking was a distracter so he did not have to deal with the anger bubbling within; a way to blow off steam.

People come for hypnosis to deal with issues, feelings, thoughts that have been troubling for years and years. Often the mistake is to think that change will be instantaneous, like being in hypnosis comedy show; poof and your chicken.

Whether hypnosis to stop smoking, lose weight, fear of flying, get over a relationship or a myriad of issues, the only way out of the woods is through the woods; it takes effort, some grit and some time.

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