People laugh when I ask if they were looking for hypnosis or magic; the magician’s office is down the other corridor I tell them.

What can be magical with hypnosis is that the process enables someone to more clearly understand the emotional connections which propel their behavior. It is said that imagination is the language of the mind and emotion is the fuel which powers it.

Emotion can be powered by magical words which conjure up thought and connect it to feeling. Used in short, personalized phrases these magic words can make profound changes in our life; for good or bad. Clients are often asked what words should have been said to them as children; words which would have been as if magic seeds planted within them which would grow into mighty trees with deep roots that would ground and strength them throughout their lives. Magical words like, you are wonderful, creative, powerful, genuine, lucky, courageous, kind, valuable, wise, miraculous, adventurous; you are perfect.

Enjoy the rejuvenated strength, warmth, renewal, joy, healing feelings blooming within yourself as you imagine these words spoken to you. Words which give you peace, calm, strength to start now to finish, heal, trust in yourself to explore your goodness and power to achieve victory. Wow.

There is a humorous ad running on television now which says that words can hurt you; but they also can help you. Change the words you speak to others, watch their transformational power; speak powerfully to yourself and feel the shift.

Robert Collier
Wellspring Hypnosis
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305