Wants, Needs, Desires?

What do you want, why are you really here for hypnosis?

Several times during the hypnosis session to stop smoking, lose weight or for feelings of loss I continue to ask these two questions over and over again. As the same question is asked the answer begins to change.

Hypnosis here in Fort Lauderdale is simply motivational conversation that enables the client to find the therapist within themselves, to discover their own inner truth which gives direction for change. Hypnosis, hypnotherapy, is an inner dialogue in which seemingly separate thoughts become merged into new understandings and realizations for improved behaviors. Often I feel as if the client has created new mental imprints so that stimulations that had previously produced ineffective copy mechanisms now ignite behavior that produces meaningful results rather than only distracting the individual away from their unpleasant feelings.

Often in our lives we have experiences which are disturbing; downright painful. The issue is not that unpleasant things happen but the learning experience we take from the event. One can get locked into a feeling of despair, fear that bad things lurk everywhere, decide to stay in bed where it is safe. The other reality may be that the event was overcome, that you have strengths and abilities to carry you over the most extreme mountain one way or the other.

Independence Day perhaps should become an every day celebration of individual accomplishment for every one of us when we free ourselves of fear, discouragement or sadness of many sorts.