The Smell of Roses

*Individual results may vary with hypnosis and are dependent on many variables
including the client’s attitude, follow-through and adherence to the program. Certain issues or concerns may require a medical referral before any session in hypnosis.

Have you ever watched someone get, “chewed up with anger”, “sickened with worry” or “killed by stress”? You don’t have to be a doctor or psychologist to recognize that people likely possess the ability to actually think themselves into illness. Of course, the opposite is also true – We are likely able to think ourselves into wellness.

On my last doctor’s visit for an annual physical, I noticed a brochure about the dangers of
high blood pressure; scary. While my blood pressure was being taken, I consciously did some Self-Hypnosis and brought my reading down to 120/70 – A good demonstration for the doctor. The simple reality is that many ailments that are exacerbated by stress, anxious feelings and fears may be helped through well thinking, a process remarkably assisted by Hypnosis.

A few months ago, a woman came in for Hypnosis, complaining of an allergy to dogs, foods and much more. During Hypnosis, she was able to discuss the feelings related to her allergies, what they made her think of herself, and the memories they stirred. Focusing on her allergy to pets, she sat comfortably while remembering her childhood. She remembered petting and playing with a neighbor’s dog without any discomfort. She then described being called into the house and Mother saying, “Don’t play with the dog, you KNOW you’re allergic…” and then she began to scratch her face and arms.

During Hypnosis one can recall the past as though it is being relived with all of the sights, sounds and feelings associated with the moment. As the perspective of the child in the earlier moment is recalled, it is simultaneously viewed by the present adult mind. As the woman looked back at the moment with the dog, she was able to clearly see that there was no allergic reaction and that the scratching began with mother’s pronouncement of being allergic. Trained to know that “mother is never wrong”, the young girl began to assemble her catalogue of allergies.

We begin life tabla rasa, with a clean slate. The writing on the tablet begins with our first experience. Through the development of mental synapses and learned thoughts and behaviors, the mind has the tendency to accept suggestion.

If the human body, in many cases, can mimic an anticipated reaction of allergy or illness then it suggests the importance of positive, healthy thoughts for wellness.

Copyright by Wellspring Hypnosis, LLC. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Wellspring Hypnosis, LLC. All rights reserved.