Change Thinking

I make my day, each day

*Individual results may vary with hypnosis and are dependent on many variables
including the client’s attitude, follow-through and adherence to the program. Certain issues or concerns may require a medical referral before any session in hypnosis.

If you believe that you are what you eat” than also believe, “You are what you think.”

Image that in hypnosis the mind becomes open to new and acceptable thinking. Imagine accepting the suggestion, “Each and every morning from this moment forward, ;you begin your day by consciously creating it the way you want it to happen.” At first, the mind will examine all of the things that need to get done. Then, once relaxed, it will begin to understand that you are actually, intentionally creating your day.

When one’s day is created, things begin to happen which confirm the results of the mind’s creation. The more this is practiced, the more the neural net of the mind develops. Similar to building a network of roads or pathways, thoughts become accepted by the deep subconscious as this practice is repeated. In return, as these thoughts establish change, one’s power and incentive increase. This practice may be employed each and every day as thoughts are reinforced.

When a person consciously designs their destiny and confirms that thoughts do indeed affect reality, major changes are possible. A commitment to this process each and every day constructs the neural net and affects the quantum field – The energy of the universe that surrounds the self and all things.

Spiritually this process may be practiced in prayer, meditation or deep relaxation, as well as Hypnosis. Thoughts of unconditional love only strengthen the process. Through this subjective experience of thought and feeling, the truth is known. As one creates their day there is unlimited potential. As these thoughts are cultivated, so it happens.

From this moment forward, make a promise to yourself to begin your day by creating your day. “I begin my day by creating my day, I allow myself to be amazed at what I have created,” repeat it over and over, you’ll be thrilled at the outcome.

Copyright by Wellspring Hypnosis, LLC. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Wellspring Hypnosis, LLC. All rights reserved.