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Hypnosis is deep insight processing to assist in moving beyond perceived barriers towards goals and aspirations. Hypnosis is not magic but some of the things that may be accomplished with hypnosis may seem magical.
"I totally love the Cd and really notice the excitement, energy and enthusiasm it has brought to me! Thank you!"
"Started Diet and CD on Sunday the 6th of July. Monday weighed in at both the track and Doctor's office, both said 197 pounds. This morning I weighed in at the track and it was 191 pounds. Now I know the first 5 lbs are water weight, but that's still 2 pounds of fat in 2 days of weighing in. And yesterday I didn't even listen to the weight CD, I listened to the Life, Love and Living CD. I am eating half of what I would normally eat at the table and absolutely nothing between meals. I have never been able to go without eating between meals. I squeeeeeeze my fingers a lot, though. I know it won’t continue to go off this fast, but what a start!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! (Selective Eater.) N.C., (No Candy.)"
"The CDs are both working very well. I listen to the Love CD every night, and I now here your voice in my head during work and what not. I am more confident and focused. I see trees and feel rooted and stronger. I will keep in touch. Thanks again"
"Hi Rob,

First of all, thank you for all your help. I notice a distinct difference in my attitude to life and to food in general. Oh my gosh, the "fullness" I feel when I eat is incredible, and it stays with me. There is no substitute for feeling well. I feel I owe you a great deal for that."
"I have enjoyed tremendous success so far and have not smoked- save for one odd night of my vacation- since our session. We met over two weeks ago, and the night that I did smoke was almost 2 weeks ago by now. So, I am feeling quite empowered and kind of over it already. I don’t know if I have totally blown my opportunity to have a follow up session or if I even need one.

You really helped me tap into my reasons for keeping up that behavior, and realize that the only way to achieve the freedom I was seeking when I started smoking is to stop. Life experience has shown me new and better ways to experience that freedom. It’s really amazing."
"It was difficult for me to have intimate relationships because of the trust that was lost with my ex-husband. Your hypnosis helped me to move on with my life with the confidence that I don't have to repeat past experiences and that I can trust others"
"Little did I know when I walked through your door I would be setting out on an adventure. When I spoke to you of my goals through hypnosis, you wisely said to me, you are looking at a dandelion plant, flower intact. I cannot cut off the flower, we must dig to take out the root, and dig we did. Your ability to guide me through this process had pain untold dividends in my life.

I wanted to lose weight, (one of my goals') this has been a lifelong battle. On July the I joined a diet center, which offered a healthy, live able and food plan that could work for now and for life. I am happy, NO ecstatic to tell you that I have lost 28 lb, easy pounds since then. I say "easy" simply that following the plan has worked so well. I am focused on eating healthy. I do not have any thought of foods that I know would not aid to my goals, I do not have any thoughts of using food as a comfort, I am simply content.....and buying clothes so far 3 sized down has brought tears to my eyes in the dressing room.

So, thanks, such a small word for setting on a lifelong goal, but I am traveling this road and have every confidence I will arrive at my goal."
"I am feeling better so far, it takes 3 days to tell what lasting effects I will have. Bless the new CD you gave me for really helped!!!"
"I did not begin hypnosis with you cynically. I began in desperation, and it's hard to be cynical when you're desperate. In letting go, and in accepting that hypnosis would facilitate my recovery, I committed to some degree of success."
"In our "talk session," I accepted that a change in eating patterns would be necessary and I 'resigned' myself to learning a new diet, the South Beach Diet. Well, I reasoned, at least it was a new one to me. The new "selective eating" has been amazingly easy, and I can only attribute that to the work we have done in our sessions. The indisputable 'proof,' I suppose is in the lost pounds (now about 18 or 19) since, what? late November or mid-December. I prefer not to let the scales guide my behavior, but rather the new sense of power to BE the selective eater I have become. Hypnosis led me to tread where I dared not tread, to face what I dared not face (at least in the fully conscious states of being), and I now feel lighter and freer physically and emotionally."
"Thanks for help. I have made tremendous progress since our last session. I hit a home run at a tryout for a travel team, which I made. Thanks again for helping me, really."
"I am doing very well, I feel very peaceful and calm. As I said this was the best investment I ever made. My X was still calling me for more than a month, but I did not answer any of his calls. I understood that some of them were just a part of his manipulation. I really don't want to see him for now. Maybe someday I will, but he will listen to me, the new Marc. Thank you for your help and keep in touch."
"I am here in California having a great time. I just wanted to mention that I had a "pleasant" flight all the way across the country. More to follow."
"I am doing really well. I have travelled a couple of times since our meetings and when I get on the airplane, I put on my ipod with your cd on it and it really helps me to relax. It's amazing and really works! I am going on a big trip to Russia in September, so I'm positive and hopeful that everything will be okay. Thank you so much for your help."
"Rob, thank you, thank you. This session made clear to me, that some of my issues that were brought out by your professional approach, have to be resolved. And I'm start feeling lighter from the inside. THANK YOU."
"Let me start by saying I feel great! I noticed immediately after leaving your office that my mood was better, my mindset was clearer, and I physically felt good. Last night I had a dream that I was about to start grinding my teeth, and just then, my subconscious self came and told me not grind my teeth. I was amazed! I've always felt that there was a lot more to the power of the mind. Thank you for putting me in touch with that power. This is a remarkable experience! I'm very glad to have met with you."
"Robert thank you for your help and understanding with my addiction issue. I am stating my problem so others in need can see that there people like yourself that are there to help us. I am now clear and feel great with myself and have a bright future ahead thank you."
"I just wanted to thank you for all the help you have given me throughout the sessions. I have been feeling great and work is also going much better."
"I really do believe that the session with you helped me and I continue to listen to your CD, Life, love & livelihood for 21 days when I need to re-focus my efforts. I am so proud of this and I am currently working on another series and collaborating with another artist friend who continues to tell me that I will soon be famous! I also started volunteering with my art guild as the director and I share a passion of opening a multipurpose gallery! I think it is important for people to understand that hypnosis is just not for problems or issues but can also be used to re-invent yourself. Feel free to share this information to any prospective clients. My work is currently on display for about another 10 days."
"All I can say is, "Amazing"! I've been smoke free for 2 1/2 weeks now and don't even have the urge to have one. I would definitely recommend hypnosis to anyone who was serious about wanting to quit!"
"I want to thank you for your help. After the six hypnosis treatments I received from you my life has changed. I got more results from just one treatment then I would have in years of traditional therapy. There is no dancing around the problem in hypnosis. Not only were you able to pinpoint the issues at hand, you were able to help me work through them. You then helped me to heal the situation, for myself. My conscious and unconscious thinking has been changed as has my motivation and happiness. The depression and insomnia have subsided and I am back to happy living. You have changed my life forever, and for that I thank you for all your hard and caring work. The world needs more of you in it."
"First and foremost, I have been making some really good changes in my attitudes and my goals. My friends have seen the changes and have commented, also. I feel a lot happier. Thanks for everything! BTW I am getting closer to seeing the "future Me. Thanks!"
"It's been interesting the past several days after listening to your hypnosis MP3 nightly.
Keeping in mind that my main "issue" has been feelings of abandonment and aloneness, I had an epiphany of sorts a couple of days ago that I would not feel so abandoned if I stopped trying to engage/interact with the same people who continuously reject me, hoping to finally win their acceptance. So, I wrote each of them and kindly yet honestly explained how I felt about our relationship. All except one person basically told me to go to h---. And you know something.... for once, I am OK with that. After seeing how they reacted to my words, I now understand how unhealthy those relationships have been all along. Thank you very much. "
"Hi Robert!

It’s been a year and only now I am really noticing how much you have helped me and how much better my life is. I really appreciate all the work we have done 🙂 "
"Robert Collier is simply the best. Got hypnosis and he is amazing."
"I was always skeptical about hypnosis until a dear friend of mine shared with me her life changing experience working with Robert. My first visit with Robert, I felt I had finally met someone who truly cares about the people he works with and I felt safe to share my life story and experiences with him. Unlike sharing my story with friends or loved ones, Robert expressed no opinion. He sincerely listens and asked questions which had me reflect and reevaluate my life. In doing so, reached a different perspective on some key experiences. In each and every session I had with Robert, I realized there were layers of sadness and grief that I had to go through in order to focus on the present. As the sessions progressed, I found myself taking up projects and things I had been wanting to do but kept putting off. Robert helped unearth emotional weight that I had been carrying for years. Now I understand why he only takes on a handful of clients at a time. It's because he truly gives his all - his knowledge, wisdom and foresight-as he lives our past with us, to help us understand and process what happened. I can imagine it taking a toll on him. Think of it as an investment towards a future and life vou have alwavs wanted to live but somehow could not, for whatever reason(s) it is that is holding you back. I know for myself that many times I can be at a beautiful place and spend thousands of dollars to be there but if my heart isn't present, I pretty much threw all that money away. Robert's sessions helped me to live life now with purpose, gratitude, and love. For that, and from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Robert for helping me get to where I want and needed to be."

Copyright by Wellspring Hypnosis, LLC. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Wellspring Hypnosis, LLC. All rights reserved.