Anxiousness, Nervousness and Fear

*Individual results may vary with hypnosis and are dependent on many variables
including the client’s attitude, follow-through and adherence to the program. Certain issues or concerns may require a medical referral before any session in hypnosis.

People visit me for hypnosis for many reasons and often for that mysterious but common feeling… STRESS.

Though most everyone knows the uncomfortable feeling labeled stress it is not felt the same universally, may be called anxiousness, nervousness or fear.  The first thing asked a client is where they feel that sensation inside their body, many say in their head but unless they are speaking of pressure or pain that answer is usually thought not feeling.  The normal phrase is I feel anxious not I think anxious so the first exploration is where and how you feel that sensation.

Hypnosis enables a person to focus more acutely in the connections of thought and feeling.  Feeling anxious in whatever part of the body leads to asking what you think when you have that body feeling, what is the emotion connected with the feeling, what other emotions are associated with that first feeling, connected with that other thought?

Hypnosis is an inner resource technique in which interfering thoughts are cleared away like cobwebs enabling the user to connect the dots of experience, thought and emotion.  It is as if following the breadcrumbs out of the woods brings you not only home but to a new understanding of the journey.

Whether using hypnosis to stop habits, lose weight, overcome situational anxiety, fears or whatever, new understanding brings change and a new way of dealing with emotions.

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Copyright by Wellspring Hypnosis, LLC. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Wellspring Hypnosis, LLC. All rights reserved.