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*Individual results may vary with hypnosis and are dependent on many variables
including the client’s attitude, follow-through and adherence to the program. Certain issues or concerns may require a medical referral before any session in hypnosis.

* Imagine how good you would feel to be habit free

* Imagine how good you would feel to breathe more easily

* Imagine if you had a sense of control over what you thought was out of control.

More than 2000 people have come to Wellspring Hypnosis to stop various habits.  During move than twenty-five years of assisting people to break a pattern, there are some common observations.

People come in weekly, perhaps using or doing harmful things multiple times a day; spend two hours and you may choose to stop immediately or to drastically cut down then and there.

Begin now to make the change you have been thinking about.

Did you know that most people began their particular habit when quite young?  Why do people use something whose package might say, Dangerous To Your Health?  Is their connection to it chemical or psychological?

Initially, the habit may be a socializing behavior, a young person might want to join the in-crowd, act grown up, maybe out of defiance; or a lot of normal adolescent reasons.  Eventually the behavior may begin to change and become a habit used as a distracter, something that provides relief from an unpleasant feeling.  Other distractors are eating too much, drinking, chocolate, shopping, gambling… a subconscious activity performed without thinking why or noticing how we are feeling.

Nearly every person who comes to stop mentions their health concerns but that may not be enough, perhaps we do things because of a perceived benefit from the behavior; you might call it a craving.  Understand the inner connection to the pattern, replace it with an equally rewarding, more beneficial behavior and like others, you may become habit free; gone.*

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Copyright by Wellspring Hypnosis, LLC. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Wellspring Hypnosis, LLC. All rights reserved.