How to Use Hypnosis In the New Year

January 20, 2023

Learn How to Use Hypnosis in the New Year!

Robert Collier is a certified hypnotist at Psychotherapy and Hypnosis Services, Oakland Park, Florida providing hypnosis for smoking, stress, relationships and a wide range of issues for over twenty-five years;. Rob is certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, Banyan Center for Training and the Omni Hypnosis Center.  Free consultations are available, 954-938-8000

How to use Hypnosis in the New Year. For starters, celebrate the New Year. Understand differently. Move forward positively. Feel reborn; see anew.

Take a second and look at how the new year is preceded by celebrations of change for the better. Like the Christmas new birth, Hanukkah and the light of dedication, and Hindu Diwali remembering the triumph of good over evil.

Everyone that comes for hypnosis comes for change. To move in a more affirmative direction in their life; emotional, physical, spiritual, avocational, or intellectual change for the better.  To stop smoking, lose weight, and relieve stress. Not for the simple sake of it but what might happen, what positive change may occur if it were done. We move towards, not away.

The very first question every client is asked is why they have come to my office. Nearly everyone immediately tells me something they do not want. For example, they do not want to be sick, overweight, sad, or angry.

One out of ten people begins by explaining what they want. Such as: breathing freely, feeling loved, be excited about the future.

Why bother celebrating the arrival of a new year if it were not to reboot? Be an emotional bath to clean away what is soiled and start again.  It must be starting over.

Keep it simple, begin by seeing again, stop, look and listen. We used to tell children that when crossing the street. Good enough then, and still good now.

Do you realize that every blade of grass is different… yes, keep it simple, look carefully at a single blade of grass and see.

Want to celebrate a new year, or change in a new direction?  Find a bird, look at the bird as if it were the very first bird you have ever seen, and see anew.

Think of how to use hypnosis in the new year as a way to begin.

Copyright by Wellspring Hypnosis, LLC. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Wellspring Hypnosis, LLC. All rights reserved.